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Discipline, sharp perception, and an undeniable talent for matching people with homes are just a few of the many characteristics that punctuate my (Barbie Novoryta’s) career in real estate. I have been involved in the world of real estate and its transactions to some degree for many years with my mother, and now as a licensed Broker.   As a result, I possess a unique insight into the industry that can only be acquired through years of experience and continuous acute observation.

I assisted my mother with her own real estate practice years before I became a fully licensed Broker.   A deeply seasoned and successful agent in her own right, her years of mentorship prepared me to make the transition into my own independent real estate practice. Since then, I have been a fixture in my home base of Castle Pines, Colorado, and its surrounding areas. Castle Pines and Douglas County including Sedalia, are areas I have a deep and storied history with. As a result, I can effectively and efficiently match my buyers with suitable homes fixated on meeting both their needs and wants. Whether you’re in the market for Castle Pines or Denver Metro new homes or prefer something established, I have my finger on the pulse of our market.

It is my belief that the hallmark of a good realtor is one who embodies characteristics of honesty, integrity, and assertiveness.  In a market as competitive and thriving as Denver’s, I enter each real estate relationship with deeply harnessed attention to detail, and a willingness to take calculated risks. As your real estate agent, I’ll work meticulously on your behalf to find you a property that makes you excited to come home day after day. With my finger on the pulse of the market, I know just how to find the premier homes for sale in Castle Pines Colorado, Douglas County, and the entire Denver Metro market.  My motto is Customer Experience Excellence, in my pursuit of giving my clients peace of mind.

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Selling Castle Pines Homes & Denver Metro

Successfully selling and buying as an agent requires a unique blend of attributes, and an ability to finalize details in a sometimes aggressive and unrelenting market. Particularly one as coveted as the Denver metropolitan area. Furthermore, a good real estate agent will set you up with a home that meets your needs and meets your expectations. Conversely, an exceptional agent understands that homes don’t exist in a vacuum, and neighborhoods play a significant role in long-term happiness and potential investment recoupments down the road. Ergo, they find a home AND neighborhood that exceed your expectations.

            As such, I equip my buyers with the knowledge that context matters, and simply because a home appears to have everything you could possibly want, doesn’t mean that its respective neighborhood is congruent with your lifestyle preferences. This line of thinking can be particularly prevalent for those coming out of state, or from areas that are relatively far removed. Moreover, the internet age has made browsing for homes akin to thumbing through a catalog. In practice, this can help prospective buyers get a feel for the area’s pricing however, it doesn’t provide the necessary insights into the atmosphere of a neighborhood. There’s a lot to consider when viewing Castle Pines and Denver Metro homes for sale.

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The idea of developing relationships with cities and neighborhoods might seem unorthodox. However, doing so creates an increased advantage from both selling and purchasing perspectives. Neighborhoods change and evolve over time, sometimes gradually, and sometimes seemingly overnight. The Denver metropolitan area is a prime example of this phenomenon. Even going as for to effect homes for sale in Castle Pines CO. As your agent it’s my duty to sell you the neighborhood as much as it is to sell you the home within it. I specialize in both sides of the transactional process.

Whether you’re looking to sell your current property, find a new property, or go through the motions of both, I’m here to offer you the services you need to achieve all of your goals on a realistic yet workable timeline.

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Core Values of My Operation

Regardless of the client, job, or circumstances surrounding the sale, I always operate under a few main principles.


Every real estate agent begins their career at ground zero and can’t be faulted for having to go through the motions and learn the practice. However, my own practice is reinforced by the kind of experience that can’t be bought or fostered other than in a hands-on scenario after scenario. I have vast experience working the real estate process from multiple angles including finalizing sales and hunting for the hidden gem homes for sale in Castle Pines CO.  When rendered correctly, an agent with experience helps buyers avoid common pitfalls, and stay out of situations that are both overtly and covertly.


Transparency in real estate is crucial. Especially because agents are helping people make one of the most important financial and lifestyle decisions there is. It’s not uncommon for certain realtors to make promises they cannot keep in an attempt to temporarily appease their clients or reign in prospective buyers. I aim to provide the exact opposite experience, by managing my client’s expectations based on the specifics surrounding the Denver area’s offerings. Furthermore, my layered understanding of Castle Pines homes for sale enables me to give my clients accurate information regarding the type of living they can expect and what’s realistic for their budget.

Years of experience in the industry has taught me that every client has their own set of non-negotiable criteria. Providing honest portrayals of what certain areas have to offer in no way means that clients shouldn’t have uncompromising needs or seek to find their dream abode. It just means that my type of real estate will always paint you a full contextual picture, illuminating all different parts of the sale.


The real estate industry is full of moving parts, and it involves a high level of focus to keep things in motion. Moreover, certain properties and neighborhoods are destined to have an onslaught of attention and interest. My assertive nature allows me to circumvent a lot of the excess noise that often permeates the process and get right down into the nitty-gritty of finalizing details and following through with commitments.


Now more than ever, real estate and all its components move at a lightning pace.  Homes for sale in Castle Pines Colorado get listed today and are sold tomorrow. For that reason. I’m committed to remaining accessible and available for correspondence at a moment’s notice. When it comes to major decisions regarding your future housing, I’m the one you want on your side. Trustworthy and flexible, with a reputation for closing the deal, let’s get you moving.

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