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The current real estate market in Denver is geared towards sellers. If you’re a first-time, or even experienced seller, here are some tips to help you or refresh your memory for when you put your home up for sale. These tips, in particular, are geared towards Denver area sellers.

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Deciding to sell can take years or months depending on how motivated you are. When you decide to sell, the very first thing you should do is get in touch with a realtor. From there, all aspects of the potential sale can be addressed from finances to buying your own property. Will you downsize? Where will you go? Etc. Not all questions need to be answered all at once, but this is a time to get your ducks in a row before the house goes on the market officially. Castle Rock realtors can help you by providing the right questions to ponder.

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A reputable agent like myself will significantly help ease your anxiety. You want to look for experience, especially in a selling capacity. As a realtor who does both buys and sales, I understand the holistic viewpoints of everyone involved. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, how your potential agent responds will be very telling. Your agent should also have a feel for the neighborhood and help you choose a realistic price. Take your time finding an agent, after all, you will spend a lot of time with them. I’m Barbie Novoryta, and I’d love to represent you as your Denver CO realtors.

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At this point, you should have a game plan for moving forward in addition to a set asking price for your home. Now is the time to get your home prepared for open houses and walk-throughs. You should also consider enlisting in professional photography and deep cleaning your home. To make your home more buyer-friendly, eliminate all clutter and personal mementos. Less is more and you want the buyer to envision their stuff in your space. Your Douglas County realtor will explain more.

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As a seller in Denver, there’s a good chance you may yield multiple offers. Depending on how coveted your property is, you could potentially see multiple offers in one day. While our natural inclination is to usually go with the highest monetary value when accepting an offer, it’s important to weigh the offers against one another. For instance, one offer may be above the full asking price, but they want you to move immediately, while another offer may be set at the exact price, but they’ll forgo an inspection and allow you to stay as long as you need. Whether you have one or many offers, the key is to choose the right one.  Reputable realtors in Denver CO know how volatile this market can be and can help break down the choices for you.

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The inspections and appraisals process will depend on the contingencies of your contract. In some cases, certain buyers will waive an inspection, an appraisal, or both (usually they are awestruck with the house and don’t care about any of its potential conditions). However, as the seller post-inspection, you can agree to what you will and won’t fix. Negotiations take place during this process, and typically, a middle ground can be reached with the right mediation. When it comes to major issues, you may be better off fixing them regardless because most inspectors will encourage the buyers to demand repairs when it comes to obvious issues. As your realtor Golden CO residents can expect my undivided attention and advice during the process.

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Escrow exists to ensure that both parties are protected, and everything is in order regarding the monetary aspects of the sale. While escrow is one of the final steps in the process, there may still be contingencies as per the contract agreed on by the sellers and buyers, that halt the sale. While the nerves can start to set in during escrow, as we move through the process, I’ll keep you updated and informed. As far as Denver CO realtors are concerned, I’m the one you want in your corner having seen countless escrows occur and transactions greenlit. Whatever the case may be, you’ll never be left in the dark.

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