Homes for Sale in Jefferson County

When compared to Denver and Douglas Counties, Jefferson is in the middle population-wise. Although like both Denver and Douglas, it offers many of the same opportunities and amenities that can be found in both of these areas. Jefferson is the fourth most populous county in Colorado, with the county’s most popular city being Lakewood. The county seat is Golden, and Jefferson County is considered a part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Colorado metropolitan area.

Jefferson County is home to a lot of different areas, a lot of which are still not included incorporated. Not to mention, a lot of the larger cities in Jefferson County have their own bedroom communities and neighborhoods. The options available in Jefferson County are actually quite robust and a lot more versatile than one might think. Nonetheless, the following are all incorporated, main cities in the county:


Bow Mar







Mountain View


Wheat Ridge

Conversely, the following are also well-known areas in the county, although they’re not technically incorporated. There are plenty of neighborhoods to consider when browsing homes for sale Jefferson County located.

Coal Creek


Aspen Park





Even with the relatively short mapping of the area, you can see there’s an overwhelming number of areas to check out. Moreover, what we’ve listed here really only scratches the surface. What you can find in Jefferson County is extraordinarily diverse in terms of community and feel.

Denver County Versus Homes for Sale in Jefferson County CO

Despite the comparable numbers in terms of population, Denver and Jefferson are fundamentally different in what they offer. Denver is going to feel much more urban with its “building up” mentality. Whereas Jefferson, despite having a population that only trails by a couple hundred thousand, feels much more like the urban sprawl prominent throughout the west coast.

However, the term urban sprawl is often associated with a negative connotation. This is not the case with Jefferson County, as the area still boasts plenty of gainful opportunities for job, work, and culture. It merely highlights the difference in density you see in Denver County as opposed to Jefferson. The difference really comes down to perception, as many will still see larger cities like Lakewood and Littleton as extensions of Denver.

Exploring Homes for Sale in Jefferson County, Lakewood, Littleton, Etc.

It’s important to talk about Lakewood, because much like Denver is to Denver county, a lot of Jefferson revolves around Lakewood. Despite its often misconstrued identity as a bedroom community of Denver, Lakewood is far from. In fact, the city is actually the fifth most populous in the entire state. Lakewood is immediately west of Denver, and true to its name in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood statistical area, a key player in the metro.

When weighing the options of homes for sale Jefferson County CO residents and prospective residents definitely have to consider Lakewood. While Lakewood definitely has the numbers to be considered a midsize urban city, given its relatively sporadic development it never really had the chance to develop an urban core. Not to insinuate those urban features haven’t arrived in Jefferson County since, but Lakewood doesn’t evoke the same kind of feeling as Denver. This is actually a positive for many who want access to Denver, and the amenities that come with city life, and absolutely none of the features of a traditional big city.

Much can be said about a lot of the suburbs and communities of Jefferson County.  In fact, homes for sale in Jefferson County offer a wide spectrum of different enclaves and options. Many of these appeal to buyers of all different means and backgrounds.

Exploring Recreation and Homes for Sale in Jefferson County

It doesn’t matter where we’re talking about, when we’re talking about Colorado we have to talk about outdoor recreation. In terms of the state, you can’t find much better than incredible options available to you in the Denver area. With immediate access to beautiful parks, expansive city recreation, and all kinds of water features (especially in Jefferson County) there are countless options in your direct community. Moreover, whether you live in Denver, Jefferson, or Douglas County, you have access to world-class mountain resorts a couple of hours away. In this regard, Colorado is unlike many other cities in the United States. Very rarely can you enjoy big-city amenities and midsize comforts combined in one area.

Despite the focus on Lakewood, there are plenty of other worthwhile places to consider when vetting homes for sale Jefferson County located. For example, the quaint sense of community that exists in the county seat of Golden. Rich with all kinds of culture and scenic beauty, many of the places in Jefferson County make you feel as if you are far removed from any major city. Community is a large pull for people when considering the houses available in the area.

Recouping Value On Homes for Sale Jefferson County CO

Even if you are planning to hunker down and make Jefferson County your forever home, it never hurts to be extra selective about which neighborhood you choose. Frankly, there are many wonderful enclaves of Jefferson County, but some may simply fair better in the long run. As your realtor, it’s my job to lead you in the right direction where neighborhood and home intersect. Luckily, there are plenty of those intersections in the beautiful Jefferson County.

            When it comes to finding the right home, it’s always important to bear in mind the location of that home. It’s easy to find a dream property, without taking into account the immediate surroundings. An area as robust and diverse as Jefferson County has plenty of options to explore. Whether you’re looking for a midsize experience in Lakewood, or something less trafficked, Jefferson County still provides something for buyers of each sort. Hence why Jefferson’s diversity has made it one of the metro area’s most highly sought-after locales. To learn more about the variances in Jefferson County enclaves, let’s discuss your homeownership goals today.

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